Did you know that right now you are hurtling around the sun at 64,000 miles an hour? And in the next year you will travel 584 million miles to end up back where you started?

I was always useless at science when I was at school, but as I’ve grown older it has become more and more fascinating.

I was therefore delighted when Rosemary Scoular told me that her client Kate Humble was going to present a series all about the sun this year. And we don’t have to wait any longer as the first episode of Orbit: Earth’s Extraordinary Journey goes out next Sunday at 9pm on BBC2.

Kate is joined by Dr Helen Czerski and the two of them follow the Earth’s voyage around the sun for one complete orbit, to witness the astonishing consequences this journey has for us all.

The first episode covers the period from July to the winter solstice in December. Whilst Helen leaps from an aeroplane, Kate briefly becomes the fastest driver in the world to demonstrate the consequences of the orbit on Earth’s inhabitants.

The team have followed the sun’s journey for a whole orbit – a single year. We can see how gigantic forces like the tilt of the Earth and its spin determine our climate and influence the life cycle of every living thing on the planet. We will discover how the special characteristics of our journey around the sun create the seasons, power the most spectacular weather on the planet, and even dictate how we live our lives.

There’s a brilliant blog you can have a look at HERE.

If these two intelligent, inspirational women had been on my screens when I was 14, maybe my career path would have been very different. As it is I will be glued to the television and determined not to miss a minute!

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