Not only does UA have a whole stable of wonderful talent raising the bar at Edinburgh this year.

I was delighted to hear that the lovely Sam Fletcher has been nominated for Best Newcomer 2012 by the Fosters Edinburgh Comedy Awards.

Sam (who is not only a gifted comedian, but also rather wonderfully, a magician), is ensconced in Bannermans until Saturday 25th August with his hour-long debut show¬†Good on Paper where he delivers “a handsome collection of uplifting, charming drivel involving jokes, drawings, conjuring, a song about shoes, etc.”

We will be put out of our misery on Saturday, when the winner will be announced – Good Luck Sam!


My holidays meant I missed both the Olympics and most of the Edinburgh Festival. I’m going to make up on the Olympics with a trip to the Paralympics but sadly there’s no way I am going to get to Edinburgh this year.

For anyone with a gap in the schedule though, you still have a week to rush up and catch some amazing talent.

UA has loads of clients wowing audiences in the wonderful city, and we have a very nifty overview of the shows on the UA website at the moment, for both comedy and drama.

If you are anywhere north of the border I suggest you have a look to ensure you don’t miss out:



Clever eh? Report back on anyone who really knocked you out, we’d all love to know here on Lexington Street.



I’m going to have huge trouble with this year’s Chortle Awards as we have so many UA clients in the same categories.Adam Riches, who won the last Fosters Edinburgh Comedy Award, has not one, but three nominations: Breakthrough Act, Best Show and Best Character or Sketch Act. If you haven’t seen his wonderfully anarchic show Bring Me the Head of Adam Riches, you should not rest until you get a ticket, (possibly not sitting at the front though). He’s at the Soho Theatre in London until the 17th March.

Adam shares the nomination for Best Character or Sketch Act with the fabulous Idiots of Ants (they are the ones with the over 10 million hits on Youtube) .

Tim Key has been nominated for his Masterslut show which featured collections of pithy poems and short stories with some lovely short films. Time Out said it’s subtle, shambolic, occasionally moving and gloriously funny.

And it doesn’t stop there.

Stephen Merchant is nominated for his tour Hello Ladies; Joe Thomas of Inbetweeners fame, and Jack Whitehall star in the hilarious Fresh Meat which is up for Best Television; as is Sorry I’ve Got No Head (masquerades as a children’s show, but is one of the funniest programmes on TV) with Marcus Brigstocke, Nick Mohammed and David Armand.

Tim Key and Nick Mohammed pop up again in the Best Radio category for Party with Jonny Sweet; and The Wrestling starring Andrew Maxwell and yes, Adam Riches has been nominated for the Innovation award.

The voting is open and all you have to do is click the link HERE to start.