I’ve been told that some people are disappointed when I don’t write something lighthearted on a Friday, so for all you end-of-the week fans, this post is just for you.

The news this morning featured a story bemoaning the fact that English language standards are falling amongst young people due to the rise of text speak (txt spk). It is even popping up in exam papers and job applications.

Given my love of new technology and the development of ideas on the internet, I discovered something recently which will cause these people even more cause to jump about.

Words aren’t always enough to express your feelings. At least, that’s according to the makers of That’s So True, a new site that allows you to convey your emotions with reaction GIFs. Reaction GIFs are short, multi-image animations of people, often celebrities, acting out specific emotions.

That’s So True has a custom builder, which lets you input text and choose from a gallery of categorized reaction GIFs. You can also upload new GIFs for you and others to use in your stories. It seems quite simple  (trust me, I’ve had a go) and definitely plenty of room for creativity.

But as for language? There’s not a lot needed.

Why not try it for yourself HERE.