If you don’t follow America Football, I can tell you that last night the New York Giants beat the New England Patriots to become this season’s champions by 21-17 at the annual Super Bowl played at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

And why on earth am I mentioning this?

I’m writing about the Super Bowl because America whips itself up into a frenzy of anticipation, not just about the impending game, but about which adverts will air during the commercial breaks. There is even a website called

The internet has been awash with speculation and comment for several weeks and last night saw an explosion of activity on Twitter which is still going on this morning unabated.

David Beckham in his pants for H&M has created a mix of opinion, his commercial has been loved or loathed in equal measure.

Chrysler’s offering complete with Clint Eastwood has fared rather better with the general consensus being that it is very good.

And Matt Broderick reprising his role at the beginning of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off for Honda has exercised the minds of everyone in advertising for the last few weeks including, I have to admit, as far away as the UK.

I find it odd that a sporting event can be so inextricably linked to the commercials which break up the action. Does this say something about the relationship Americans have with advertising? Are there any other US fixtures which attract this sort of scrutiny and comment?

I cannot even begin to imagine this sort of hoo ha where adverts get as much media attention as the game itself in say, the FA Cup finals, or …. Wimbledon?

If you want to be part of the action, have a look at some of the ads HERE, and maybe you can explain the phenomenon to me.