Hannah Begbie had a brace of winners at this year’s Chortle Awards.

I wrote about the nominations at the end of February, and the winners were unveiled at a ceremony hosted at the Cafe De Paris in London on Tuesday night.

The Chortle Awards are voted for by the general public and I was delighted to see that Tim Key came away with much-deserved silverware, winning Best Show for his brilliant Masterslut.

The Idiots of Ants‘ loyal online fans came through to vote them Best Character or Sketch Act. Proof that you don’t need a big traditional television audience to be popular.

Tim and the Idiots only have about 5 minutes to celebrate their win as they are off to the other side of the world.

They will be spreading their particular brand of wonderful comedy in Melbourne as part of the famous Comedy Festival.

The Idiots’ very first gig is on Thursday 29th March in the Town Hall’s Powder Room in Melbourne and you can buy tickets HERE.

Tim Key will be at the Arts Centre Melbourne, Fairfax Studio from the 12th to the 22nd April and you can buy tickets HERE.

The Idiots are not just performing in Melbourne though. I’m waiting for the full schedule but I do know they are taking a trip to Sydney, and will be introducing themselves to New Zealand in Auckland and Taupo (lucky Antipodeans!). Do go and see them if you live anywhere near any of those cities (well, Taupo isn’t a city, but it is a busy town attracting visitors from all over the world). I’ll bring you the venues/dates when I have them.